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Letter from Colombia

Hello sponsors!

Its great to be able to write to you and I hope that you are well and blessed!

I am happy because I know that on the other side of the world I have people that are thinking of me and I also think about you often.

I wanted to tell you that we are now in the month when all the trees begin to flower. Winter begins in April and finishes in November, just before summer begins in December.

I want to update you on my studies. This semester has gone really well for me, thanks to God. I am reading one book every week, which has helped my mind to develop and grow.

At church, as always, I get involved in worship with all my heart. I feel blessed, along with my family, for this gift that God has put in my voice and in my hands for His glory and honour. I give thanks to God because I belong to a family of Christians here at church.

Ill finish this letter by wishing you every success in all that you do in your day to day lives. May the Spirit of God guide you and our Lord Jesus Christ intercede in each request that you bring before God. May the word of God always be the light that illuminates your path.

May the peace that goes beyond all understanding be forever in your hearts. God bless you!

- Laura
*Translated by Claire Neilly

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