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Letter from Colombia

Dear sponsors,

I greet you in God's love, and I hope you are in good health. I want to share with you that this year has been a great success. My studies have gone very well for me. I have learned many new, wonderful things in science and mathematics. As you know, I participate in worship, and I am getting better every day at singing and at playing the musical keyboard and the harp. If I practice a lot on the harp, I hope I will be able to play hymns and songs of praise at church. In the photograph, I am with my little sister. We performed [i]musica llanera [/i]at school. I hope you have a very good Christmas, with peace and love in your homes bringing you happiness! I hope your dreams come true and your goals are all achieved, and that God provides you with everything you want for your Christmas dinner. Here in Colombia, we usually make fritters, [i]hallacas[/i], roasted pig, stuffed turkey, custard, [i]masato[/i], and tamales. Some families also exchange gifts. I wish you a merry Christmas with all of my heart. I hope God gives you good health and that he is with you always in everything you do this next year. May God bless you!


Laura Gomez

*Translated by Brent Harlow

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