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COLONOSCOPY APP and its significance in better bowel prep process.

Smart phones have changed our lives in many ways. Thousands of apps appear in the markets which, apart from making our routine life fast and easy, have also helped in keeping ourselves organized and well prepared for upcoming tasks. This advancement of technology has many benefits in the medical field also. The [url=]colonoscopy app[/url] is not less than a blessing for the patients who are preparing for a bowel prep process. This app is one of the best examples of the better utilization of smart phones and its apps in clinical practice.
The colonoscopy examination requires the colon (large intestine) to be completely clean in order to have accurate and reliable results. This is acquired by consumption of large amounts of clearing liquids and cleansing solutions. In addition to that, the patient has to follow certain dietary restrictions. There are several medications given by doctors prior to the colonoscopy which help in thorough cleansing of the colon. Special adjustments have to be made if the patient is already taking other medicines. Hence, summing it all up, the bowl preparation is a hectic procedure involving many days of dietary planning and carefully adjusted in take of medicines. But this preparation is necessary otherwise, when not properly prepared, the colonoscopy which normally lasts for 15 to 60 minutes, becomes unnecessarily long and complex.
The [url=]colonoscopy app[/url] comes in handy for the patients in this situation. The colonoscopy app helps the patients for the better preparation of bowel process with easy instructions and timely alerts. This app is very easy to use and acts just like a doctor by your side guiding you through the procedures of bowel preparation. To start using this app in bowel preparation, the patient has to enter time and date of colonoscopy and the medications prescribed by the doctor. The patient starts to get step by step instructions as soon as the data is entered. The best thing about COLONOSCOPY APP is its capability to adapt to different medications prescribed by the doctor. Bowel preparation process varies with different types of medications and this app adjusts itself accordingly.
Let’s have a look at the salient features offered by COLONOSCOPY APP
• A very precise GPS-model app that is equally easy in use.
• Contains over a dozen reminders which assist the patient through out the bowel prep process.
• Availability of audio instructions in addition to texts to fully insure the understanding of instructions to be followed.
• Timely alerts for the patient to take medicines and the adjustments whether to hold or resume the in take of certain medicines.
• The app helps even after the colonoscopy, providing information about various after effects that need immediate medical check up.
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