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Can my cat learn to use toilet?

[url=]Toilet training your cat[/url] isnt nearly as difficult as you might imagine. All you need is time, patience and the ability to follow a few simple instructions. In the majority of cases, 2 weeks of our step by step training is all it takes. And we cover everything youll need to know  before, during and after the training.
Our 2-week step-by-step training is designed to gradually encourage your cat to modify its behavior and use the toilet instead of the litter box. For the training to be effective, it must be an enjoyable experience for both you and your cat  stress-free and carried out at your own pace.
In fact, its very similar to the potty training youd give to a child. In our homes, toilets are the best way of dealing with bodily waste  human or feline  and (for the cats at least) definitely better than plastic boxes on the laundry room floor.
In the wild, cats instinctively do their business in the soil. For an indoor cat, using a litter box requires a certain amount of training. So, assuming your cat has mastered the litter tray, it should have no problem switching to the toilet.
Cats are naturally curious, adventurous creatures who enjoy interacting with their owners. Theyll play and get up to all sorts of tricks to get on your good side, and they enjoy nothing more than a stroke or a treat.
Cats of all ages can be toilet trained. But all cats are different, so some learn faster than others. Toilet training an adult cat often requires a little more patience. So, be prepared to take things at a slower pace until your cat feels more assured. And, dont worry  youll get there in the end.
Of course, toilet training kittens is easier. But, dont attempt to do it until theyre at least 3 months old. Kittens any younger dont have a good enough sense of balance. However, encouraging them to use the litter box at this age will do no harm. In fact it will come in handy  if you have to leave your cat at someone elses house, for example.

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