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What's New in Skin Whitening - Life After Hydroquinone

Do you know that how to remove black spots and acne scars from your face that will be when drug and food administration takes hydroquinone off the piece? In that case, you should aware about other products, try mequinol.
FDA has verifies the combination of tretinoin and mequinol to short out the age spots or liver spots in the year of December 1999, and since then to till now it prove its effectiveness when it is treated properly for the ethnic skin types.
Mequinol safety testing
Safety testing is very important to ensure it has not any side effects. There are several ways in which you can perform safety testing that mentioned below.
It may possible mequinol is as early as possible, displace with hydroquinone as a one of the best and trusted skin lightener then the main question is how safe is one for the users who use it? It is really a hydroquinone derivative that can easily make one amazement around its possible toxicity.
Still, a few American scientists test it on the rats and rabbits in the lab by giving him oral dosages. And they did not die after these experiments. And these experiments make [url=]mequinol[/url] looks non-threatening. However, the FDA that is an organization does not suggest combination tretinoin and mequinol for females. And those females who are able to become pregnant and or want to become pregnant, then you should take efficient birth control estimates at the time of using this color correcting treatment.
Possible potential side effects that can with a mequinol include, burning, peeling, irritation, stinging, redness and itching. Furthermore, it may be possible you will need to practice caution during the using of mequinol if you use astringents, or you do facial waxing that dry the skin. And during this session you cannot forget to utilize a sunscreen when you are using a skin lightening or any other similar kinds of products.
In few developed countries, two percent and 0.1 percent tretinoin and [url=]mequinol[/url] skin whitener are sold by through the trademark name of the company thats making this product. It could be better to use a mequional, because while your using it may instantly supplant hydroquinone in the form of skin lightener, that you will have to meet with your personal or public doctor to get a medicine in order to get advantages from this drug.

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