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Figuring out the differences between the quadcopter and a drone

When thinking of quadcopter and drones, or for that matter any UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) is it very difficult to distinguish between them. The terms are, more often than not, interchangeable and used rather fluidly to describe one or the other device. There are many types of [url=]quadcopter with camera[/url] and drones available.

You even have quadcopter drone that fly around till their fuel finishes without you controlling them, but they do fly in a specific direction and along a specific path, this is because they have an in-built GPS that you can enter a particular track into.

Understanding the real difference

" There is one very specific characterization that separates a drone from a quadcopter. A drone is any unmanned aerial vehicle, while a quadcopter is a specific type of drone that has four rotors.

" Another significant difference is the fact that most typical drones have a GPS system but very few quadcopters have this feature, unless it is specifically built in on request.

" Due to the in-built GPS, drones can fly past the line of sight, while quadcopters are controlled by people and thus cannot go too far.

" Quadcopter drones are also significantly smaller and lighter than regular drones.

Quadcopter drones can be put to a number of uses, but the most popular these days are quadcopter with cameras. These have made massive breakthroughs in the field of art, specifically, photography. Pictures and videos that a lay man could never think of taking on his own are easy to capture now.

There is hardly any need to pay someone to come and photograph an event or family gathering when you can get an aerial view of it all. At [url=][/url] you can find any number of [url=]quadcopter drone[/url] with or without cameras in a varying range of prices, colours and sizes.

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