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Laxmi is a sweet, energetic 7 year old who you will scarcely find without a babydoll in tow. Laxmi will be the first member of her family to consistently attend school, although her older sister had the opportunity to attend school years earlier.
In 2013, when Laxmi's oldest sister, Meena was 11 years old, a kind individual took notice of her quick wit and obvious intellect while she was begging in the street. The woman offered to sponsor Meena so that she could attend a local private school. Meena and her parents were thrilled! However, only months after the woman left Meena had to drop out of school. Her family could not afford to lose Meena as a source of income, so survival took precedence over her education.
In 2017 when we approached Laxmi's family, interested in enrolling her in Proxima International Academy, her parents were hesitant. They had witnessed foreign aid make promises and provide hope only to fall short. It took time, but after explaining to the family that we would treat Laxmi's education as her full time job, offering financial compensation for success in school, her parents agreed.
Today Laxmi's sister, Meena is nearly 16 years old and set to be married in November. Laxmi on the other hand is able to attend school every day. EducateHKC will provide Laxmi with access to a future that we wish we could have given to Meena. However, we are proud to be changing the trajectory of the next generation of girls from our community like Laxmi.


  • Updates from Laxmi!

  • Updates from Laxmi!

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  • My January Update

    It has been a crazy month at Happy Kids Center and Laxmi has been having the time of her life! Between Happy Kids Center's 3rd birthday, Dashain Festival, Halloween, and Tihar Festival, she has been very busy! But, don't worry, that has not stopped her from staying focused in school! Laxmi's 2rd term in school finished last week and we have great news! Laxmi passed with distinctions, earning a score of 89% on her term exams. She was present in class 54 out of the 65 days this term. Last term Laxmi was ranked number 16 in her class, and this term she is ranked number 8! We are very proud of Laxmi's hard work this term and we hope you are too! This is no small feat. Most of the children in Laxmi's class have been in school since they were very small. Joining school for the first time at 7 years old and catching up so quickly proves how dedicated Laxmi is to her studies! Laxmi has put together a short introduction letter and a drawing for you and we have attached a ...


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