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My name is Lu Qing, a female from Yi minority in Yun Nan Province, Pu Jian city, Ku Lun Ur village. I was born on the 8th of July, 1994 into a family of 5: my parents, grandmother, and my younger brother. I am attending a school now 5 KM away from home.

During my schooling I have faced many difficulties; I remember I stayed behind a grade due to our financial trouble. My parents leave home to work outside, and they seldom come home for some time. I remember my parents quarreled about the school fees, and I stayed back at home to help out the planting. But now despite our difficulty, I continue school and trying to make the best effort to show to my parents; they do not ask me to drop out.

Sometimes, facing my own difficulty and I think of stopping school; but my parents now encourage me to continue attending school.

Over these years, maybe I am not a strong-willed person; I often feel the pain, our difficulty, lying on the bed, thinking myself as a droplet in the vast sea, having no power to change course. So I know, the only way I can find a way out is through my education,

Somethings I enjoy doing includes singing and playing basketball; but there are thing I don’t like to do. Obviously my first priority is to finish my schooling.


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    [img]/images/user/2871_2062675445342850225.jpg[/img] 11268 Dear Givology: Hello, I am Qing Lu, your student. I have not contacted you for so many years. Now, with your help I finished high school and started a new journey. I really want to tell you that I am so glad I am able to receive your help. We have never met before; however, you always helped me, which touched me and made me thankful. As a child who has grown up in a rural area, it is impossible for us to finish our education without the help from others. Because organizations like you and Peach Foundation exist, we are able to afford the tuition. It is your help that supported me through economic difficulties and helped me through my high school year. Although my graduation test scores were not perfect, I will still carry on. No word can explain my gratitude toward Givology, so I will just say:” Thank you!”
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