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My introductory letter

I was born in a poor mountain village area that is hard to commute to and from. The mountain roads are very circuitous and windy, especially during bad weather. I unfortunately dont have the best educational background.
Here in this impoverished area, my mom and dad leave work early and return home late, working extremely hard to get by. It is not easy to raise the three of us children, as we all need to eat. I know their lives are not easy and after school, I always rush home to help with housework.
Mom and dad are sacrificing for us every day. We have to learn to appreciate and be grateful for this. Gratefulness doesnt require money or gifts, and not even eloquence or fancy expressions, it just means we feel it deep inside us each day. Mom and dad gave us life and raised us for more than ten years, sacrificing many drops of sweat and hard work. Its not easy. We express our filial devotion through helping them with making meals, pouring cups of water, washing their feet& and so many more tasks are possible. Truly, we can help them with such tasks and show them our love, letting them experience happiness too.
An old Chinese proverb states: drops of gratitude, will become a waterfall of mutual kindness and reciprocity. We should all give our parents love and respect, as we strive daily to do better, learn more, and show deference to our teachers. We should also care for those who care and love us.
Despite our difficult lives, every week when we climb over the mountain to leave the village, we should always remember that education is first and we have to work hard at studying and learning. If we do well at school, we will success in life. If we do not, then we will have dead end roads.
We all have to study hard, no matter what obstacles we face and difficulties we encounter. We cant get down on ourselves and give up. We need to work harder to fight the barriers against us. We have to push ourselves internally to succeed.
Another common saying goes: The more difficulties you can endure, the higher you will grow as a person. We should thrive under pressure and hard circumstances, because without adversity, one cannot grow stronger and dream bigger. Incredible resolve empowers the world to reach new heights.
Success and failure are commonplace. Suffering and elation are daily happenings. We should in our struggles step back and be calm, reflective, and then continue to fight and move forward. We need to have the ability to sacrifice and hope.
When faced with a tough life, we have to persevere and endure. We have to learn how to rise above it all and control our lives. We need to study hard, surmount the mountains, obtain as much knowledge as we can, and return to the world all the goodness it has given us.
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