Li Qing Ya (Li Qing Ya)'s Blog

Hello Givology community!

To whom it may concern, hello!

I am Li Qinya, a 14-year-old girl from Yun’nan province Qu’jing county Dai’bu town.

I am from a single-parent family; my mother left my dad and I a long time ago. I was first raised by my aunt, then by my grandparents. My grandfather passed away when I was young, so I was mainly raised by my grandmother.

I started school when I was only 4 and a half years old. My performance in school has always depended on how much effort I put in. I was not doing well at the start, but started doing better from fourth grade. After 6 years, I have transformed from a clueless elementary school student to a middle schooler. The cost of middle school is much higher than that of elementary school, and that coupled with my already poor background meant a huge burden to my family and especially my dad.

During my second semester of eighth grade, my family faced another financial challenge: we had to repair our house after the rain season. Even though we went for the cheaper construction plan, we still could not afford the house and had to borrow over 10000 along with most of our savings. The local government had promised to pay us 10000, but as the house did not meet the inspection standards, we did not receive the money and thus cannot pay back the debt. Now that I am in the ninth grade, there are more places to use money. Coupled with the debt, our already bad financial situation worsened.

Thank you for allowing me to continue my education. I will try my best this year to study harder and get into a good high school in order to get into college later and not betray your trust.

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