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My family has endured many unforeseen obstacles. My sister passed away when I was six years old. In the past decade, I have been through many misfortunes that others seldom experience. My father’s leg was injured in an accident recently, but even before the accident, my family had barely enough income. My mother’s physical condition is failing, and my family has reached a point of destitution. We live on farming and raising pigs, and our main source of income was my father’s job.

I cannot continue my education because my family does not have enough money right now. My brother has already dropped out of school. I never complained when I was doing housework and farmwork for the family, but when my parents told me that they could no longer afford my tuition fee, I felt distressed and depressed. I wish I can support my family, but I feel that I would not be able to shoulder much weight as a young woman in the family. My parents had been saving money for me to study, and learning was the only thing that made me feel worthwhile. I thought learning was my way out – my path to escape poverty.

My family has already taken out loans from relatives, but it looks as if I have no choice but to work now to pay back loans and help my family. I am facing very difficult times now, but I still hold on to my faith that one day, I can have a better life, better than my present situation.

(Translated from Longfeng’s autobiographical sketch)


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    We are now fundraising to support Longfeng for another year! As you can read from his handwritten letters, your contribution has made a tremendous difference. $250 paid for tuition, books, school supplies, and transportation for the 2009-2010 school year. Unlike some of our other partners which provide a one-time grant to a student, the scholarships provided by the Peach Foundation last for two years in order to provide the children with a sustained period of education. In September, the children returned to school, and we are hoping to raise another $380 for the 2010-2011 year. One of the most innovative aspects of Givology is the opportunity to make connections across the world – both inspiring and being inspired by the children that you support. We sincerely hope you consider supporting Longfeng again. Even if you choose not to make a financial contribution, we still urge you to send him a message that we can deliver. Words of encouragement can go a very long way!
  • Summer vacation update from Longfeng Ran

    As you can see from the letter below, Longfeng has had a meaningful experience working over her summer vacation. As always, we invite all Givologists to message Longfeng to show your continued commitment! --------- Dear Givology, Greetings! I was so happy to receive your letter, I opened it quickly with much anticipation and started reading. Thank you for your caring and concerns, I am doing well. My parents are doing all right, though I worry about them since they are weak in health and prone to illness. There is certainly some pressure in the process of studying and learning, but whenever I think about how educated people are the blessed ones in this world, I am happy to have knowledge fill in the emptiness of my inner spirit. There are many inequalities in this world, such as in wealth and power, but the gain or loss of literacy embodies inequality of the mind and spirit. Many children who were born into poverty like me have lost the opportunity to study and learn. I think I am a...
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    We just received this letter from Longfeng! As you can see, reading the messages she receives from Givology donors has proven a great way for her to practice her English. Please continue to message her your encouragement!
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    Here's the translation of Longfeng's latest letter. Please message her to show your continued support! Thanks, The Givology Translation Team -- Givology, I’m very happy to hear from you. My father is in better condition now, thanks for asking. He wants me to work harder at school, since that’s the only way my family and I can have a better life. I’m very glad that my family finally supports me to go to school and I won’t let them down. My family is kind of underprivileged and my parents have been sick a lot lately, which makes me very sad. We mostly rely on farming to make a living, but now my father’s disability makes the situation even worse that I cannot afford to go to school. Though they don’t have the money to let me go to school, they still encourage me, and I no longer feel alone. I love mathematics, and I am super excited about math classes. Also, I like English, because I want to travel abroad to experience different cultures in the future. I've developed a ver...