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My family's financial situation has not greatly changed, my tuition is paid by my parents, who are working away from home.

There is still room for improvement in my grades; in the remaining time, I will try my hardest, do whatever it takes to do everything right.


  • An older letter from Middle School days

    [This is a letter from Li Xia during her last year in middle school] My name is Li Xia and I am a girl with a troubled childhood though thats not the best way to describe it. They say that childhood should be the best time of our lives, but Ive been handed some ill fate. Every day, I become familiar with my own tears and nightmares. I hear my fathers coughing regularly. When there are storms outside and rain hits our windows, I sink deeper into sadness, often thinking that I must be living in a movie. Sometimes, I imagine I am at the north pole where there is no one and it is just cold. I search for warmth. Ive innocently thought that by acting girly and sweet in certain ways, I could win the favor of those around me and life could be easier. It isnt true! We have to keep putting our heads down and working. I would often look at my mom while her back was turned towards me and wonder what she was thinking but never saying. Would things change if she voiced her thoughts more? As ...
  • Dream University Acceptance!

    Dear Givologists, Thank you for your continual support; with your help, I have successfully completed high school, and with my own hard work, have been accepted into my dream university! If it weren't for your help, I wouldn't have had a high school education, much less have a chance to step inside an university classroom. Your unselfishness gave me hope, gave me strength. Every time I remember the people silently supporting me, I am full with spirit, with the drive to courageously face my troubles. I think I am very lucky, lucky enough to get your support. I will treasure this opportunity, I will be diligent and prudent, becoming the best person I could be. I will learn from your magnanimity and how you unselfishly offer your time and energy for others to do my best to help others. Best wishes, Li Xia[img][/img]
  • My basic profile

    See below for my application form with Peach. [font=OpenSansRegular, arial, sans-serif][img]/images/user/28681_16598839151866652834.png[/img][/font]


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