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I live Nin Yuan county, Yung Nin city, Fang Pin village in the Province of Yun Nan. There’s poor transportation to my village, and it is a long walk from school to home. In my family I have a younger brother and sister; buy my sister stopped school to help out the family – my parents can afford only us two to attend school. Getting up very early in the morning to work in the field, but we still cannot keep up the basic food and clothing for the family. I know my schooling is the only way out in the future. I simply have to work diligently.

I remember when I entered 6th grade, and we could pay the school fees. My father went to borrow from the neighbors. Seeing his dark and gloom face, feeling powerless, I told myself, “I will stop school.” I told my father I stay home and work to earn and help the family to support my younger brother. But my father said to me “You have to continue; despite our hardship, I will go to door by door to borrow the money for you to attend.” He left. Watching his back from behind, I swear to myself that I will work as hard as I can in school. From time to time, I still remember the shadow of his back walking out of the door, and it reminds me the promise I have to keep up.

My current goal is to attend High School, and go to well-reputed university afterwards. To pay back what my parents have sacrificed for me, I will take care of my family with love and care – and that’s my life’s aim. To achieve this aim, I have to work with focus and effort to accomplish it.


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