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According to her mentor (Marta Julia), Maria’s family is a very united, supportive family. Maria does well in school – she is studying the bilingual Secretary track at her school. She’s very extroverted and is always very participatory during mentorship. Maria lives in Chutiestancia, a town located 30 minutes (by ‘microbus’) from Panajachel.


  • October 2015 Update

    Thank you to everyone who funded a scholarship for Maria Victoria! Maria, 19, is currently in the Puente (Bridge) program with Starfish and is about to enter her sophomore year of high school. Maria participates in the Estrellas Luminosas (Bright Stars) mentoring group and lives with her parents and seven siblings in a rural community in the district of Solola, Guatemala. Marias father only had the opportunity to study for six years and her mother was never able to attend school. In two years, Maria will become the first person in her family to graduate from high school. Maria is currently participating in the Starfish internship program, working as an operations assistant in the Starfish office in Panajachel. Through this position, she provides administrative support to the staff and leadership team while learning a great deal about how to operate a nonprofit organization. After graduating from high school, Maria Victoria hopes to attend university and become a lawyer. She says, &...


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