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Letter from Paula!

Dear Godparents,
We have started a new year at school. I have new challenges and expectations ahead.
I'm glad that started a new year with my friends. This is a good environment at school and it's a challenge to start to discovery my skills and talents in order to decide what career to follow once I finish school. I think I'm interested on becoming a doctor.
I have also discovered that I like very much reading, besides my studying. I read some books during my vacations last year. The one that called my attention was called "Ladrona de libros" (book's stealer). It's about a girl during the 2nd World War in Germany. The previous month I also read a saga of 5 books called "Hush Hush" that I liked very much.
Currently I'm reading "Fallen," as soon as I finish this book, I'll start "The maze runner" which is a trilogy that called my attention.
This year my goal is to read 30 books at least.
I'll write you about the preparations for my 15 birthdays on my next letter.
God bless you richly.
Maria Paula

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