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Maasai girls raised in a remote, pastoralist environment need to know how to navigate the
21st century world in which they will live after they have completed their secondary school
and college educations with EfforTZ Foundation. The Life Skills Development Program we
are offering these girls will provide an intensive, in-depth introduction to the critically
important life and employment skills that these girls will need to lead successful lives that
are not taught by schools in Tanzania.

From the moment of her birth, a Maasai girl's life and its progression is fixed. As soon as she
can walk, she will help her mother build their dung hut. She will walk miles for water and
firewood before she is seven years-old. She will marry a man her father has chosen for her
as soon as she finishes primary school; a much older man with other wives who will expect
her to begin bearing his children at age 12 or 13. She will live in poverty her whole life and
die young unless something dramatic affects this life trajectory.

EfforTZ has given 30 of these girls the amazing chance to escape these forced child
marriages and attend secondary school and college. However, they still carry with them an
inability to move easily through today's world. They can navigate life in a dusty, arid village
in a remote area but they haven't had any experience dealing with money, banks, budgets,
and the other basics of living independent lives.

We believe it is our obligation to provide these young girls with the skills as critically
important to their success in life and employment as subjects such as math and
chemistry. This is what enrollment in this program will begin to develop within them.

This intensive one week residential program will focus on the following
key areas:

Life Skills (Planning and goal setting)
Financial Skills (Banking and budgeting)
Leadership Skills (Communicating, influencing, motivating, and delegating)
Work Skills (CV or resume writing, interviewing, and entrepreneurship)
Career Options (Presentations by professionals, entrepreneurs, and educational tours)
Personal Skills (Controlling your body, understanding your rights, protecting yourself)

While this intensive program will not fill the entire gap in the life skills of these girls, it is a
beginning. We expect that over their next school recesses, we will expand the Maasai girls'
knowledge and exposure in many of these areas by having them plan, develop, and manage
projects with these new skills which will be used to improve the lives of their mothers and
sisters in their village.


EfforTZ Foundation established its Maasai Girls Scholarship Program in 2011 to save young girls from the village of Eluai from forced child marriages. Since then, EfforTZ has awarded 125 scholarships to Maasai girls for post-primary school educations.


In a country where only 50% of the primary school students are able to attend secondary school, EfforTZ is proud that 95% of its Maasai girls have been admitted to secondary school. Adding an intensive week long Life Skills Development Program to address the Maasai girls life skills needs is just the next step in ensuring their life-long success.

Team Credentials

This program has been reviewed and evaluated by EfforTZ Local Representative in Tanzania, a specialist in community development. Further, it has been evaluated by EfforTZ President, an attorney, CPA, and human resources executive, who has also has known TFFT personnel and the quality of its work for more than 10 years.

This program will be led by professionals specializing in personal management, interpersonal, and social resistance skills. Career speakers will come from many different professions. This is the second year of the program: 52 students were enrolled in 2016 and 75 have enrolled for 2017. Monitoring and follow-up takes place with the program attendees and a formal project evaluation will be conducted after the program has been in operation for 3 years.


  • December 2018 Update

    The Life Skills Training Program that our Maasai girls attended offered five days full of important and useful experience to them. The program provided instructions on and space to practice using the important skills required to succeed in today’s world. After the program, our girls were fully equipped with skills to thrive. The topics covered in the workshop were relevant and required for anyone who wants to fit in today’s world. The girls were exposed to many useful topics such as leadership, entrepreneurship, dream mapping, financial education, HIV/AIDs and reproductive health. Many people in the Maasai culture lack knowledge about these topics, and this program has ensured that our girls received an education on these essential life skills. In the program evaluations completed at the close, many of our girls expressed how the life skills program opened their eyes on how they can make significant improvements in their lives. This December, 2018, many of these Maasai girls will al...