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Merry is in Primary One class. She is six years old. She was living with her grandmother when Headmistress MaryLove Bbaale found her not going to school. She asked Merry's grandmother if she could bring her to Circle of Peace School. Merry has been living at Circle of Peace School and going to school there ever since. She says, "I am very happy. I only go to my grandmother in the village during the third term holiday. My favorite subjects are English and reading. My favorite colors are red and green."
Mercy's mother was raped when she was going to school. She was fourteen years old when that happened. She got pregnant and gave birth to Mercy. Her father decided to find a husband for her because he could not take her back to school. However, the grandfather died after a year and Merry was left alone with her grandmother who could not afford to put her in school. Knowing about Circle of Peace School, the grandmother asked if she could live at the school. The school allowed her to come because that is our mission- helping children with limited family income go to school. Merry has been at the school for four years.