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When I am in the arms of my mother I feel very brave and I feel that nothing bad will be able to happen because from her I receive a great love. For 15 years I’ve been enjoying life with my family and friends in the city of Tobati. Being an adolescent I’ve discovered that studying is good. God gave me the privilege to study in this marvelous institution. When I’m older I would like to be an agricultural engineer because I’m passionate about nature and I’m worried that people are destroying the environment. With the Institute I am going to move forward because I am confident in myself that I have what it takes to succeed. This school helps me and people like me who come from limited resources and there are a lot of possibilities for the students to be exposed to a wide range of resources -- like books and the internet. In my free time I like to watch movies, listen to music and read poetry.


About Tobatí:Tobatí is both a town and a provincial district within the department (state) of Cordillera, Paraguay. The population of the district of Tobatí is 21,315 of which 16,538 (75.5%) are under the age of 19. Over 33% of this population lives beneath the international poverty line while as high as 70% live in relative poverty. A large percentage of the houses in the region lack running water and electricity.

This poverty is especially prevalent in the region's rural villages, known as compañías. Most men and boys in the region work in small brick or tile factories that pay at most one or two dollars a day. A large number of girls work as domestic servants. Schools run in three or four hour shifts in order to allow for children to work and also due to overpopulation and a lack of resources in the local schools. Many children in Tobatí are employed.

About Macchi School: The education of a single person can have a positive effect on the lives of thousands of people. This principle is the foundation of the Macchi School. Located in a part of the world plagued by poverty and short horizons, the Macchi School is a tool that is being used to transform the South American district of Tobati into a better place for future generations to live.

The school provides a means for the community's brightest minds from the poorest neighborhoods and villages to be nurtured with the hope that they will not only complete a university program, but will return to to Tobati afterward to take up the difficult task of solving some of the town's most serious problems. To reach this goal the Macchi School offers a rigorous academic curriculum while at the same time, imparts a strong sense of public service on all of its students.


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    Hi, my name is Mónica Noguera, I am 17 years old and I live in the city of Tobatí, Cordillera, Paraguay. I’m currently in my final year of high school at Instituto Cultural Reinaldo Macchi. The Institute deserves recognition, thanks to it I have perfected my ability to understand and learn many things. I have put a lot of effort and forced myself to continue being an outstanding student, and it is with the constant support of my friends and family that I have been able to bear it. To attend the Institute, I must walk 1 km to reach the main road so that I can take a bus that drops me off in front of the road to the Institute. From there I walk another 1 km to get to the Institute. To do all that I must get up early and eat a good breakfast so that I have enough energy during the day. It has been a big sacrifice for my family to allow me to attend the Institute. I come from a family with limited resources and several times during my time here, it has been difficult to allow me to cont...
  • A note from one of our students: "I want to be a member of your team!"

    Hi! I never though that any of this would happen to me! I am extremely excited; I felt something very special after reading your letter. With my dedication to my studies, I am convinced that I will receive very good grades. I like taking care of others. I would like to be a doctor to heal the sick or at least restore them and keep them living healthy lives. In my neighborhood, many people need care, and I want to be the person who helps them. Taking care of eyes and teeth would also gratify me. If I fulfill my dreams, I would assist the institutions in need of material goods and attendants. This way, I would make sure that my country doesn’t have a limit on education resources available to everyone. In the Institute, there is never an empty moment. The students are always trying to enrich their knowledge because the teaching is great. My favorite subjects are the fine arts, health, science, history, and literature. My favorite books are non-fiction novels and poems. I also pass time...
  • Update from Monica!

    One of our translation associates, Lauren, wrote a personal note to Monica. We just received Monica's response (below). -- Dear Lauren, I’m very happy that you have read my story. I was very surprised that you all were able to read my little story and that you have given me inspiration to keep studying. My biggest dream is to finish my studies and become a professional, “That Paraguay will become something marvelous.” I do not want to stop studying; I like studying! It’s normal, however, that I feel exhausted and worried about my future, because I don’t have all the possible resources to study with. I still have three years left in high school, and after that comes college... My parents are the main people who worry about my studies and about my health. Although I’m only with my family on the weekends, I sense how worried and desperate they are because there isn’t much money and we need to feed ourselves. In my family, there are six children, four of which are in school. My olde...


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