Moniker is a fashion and apparel company built through the remarkable support of customers who look positively upon the power of consumers to help solve social and environmental problems in the world.

Our company’s core value is optimism. The resources to help those who need help exist in abundance. The compassion to give that help exists in abundance. We simply require more intelligent distribution solutions – solutions that appreciate our equally strong responsibilities to support our families, to develop our own special talents and dreams, and to secure both against an uncertain future.

The Moniker Shirt is our first response to this challenge.

Long term, Moniker’s goal is two-fold:
* To help realize the dream of quality education for all – one school, one Shirt at a time.
* To inspire other consumer products companies to join the reMarkable Movement, so that acts of giving become as simple and common as buying the things you want: a Shirt, a Suit, a Soft Drink.

Moniker is supported in its work by a terrific advisory team that includes economic development gurus, major retailer executives, leading apparel company executives, scholars and local leaders in the places where we work to make things better.

And we couldn't be more proud to be part of Givology's community of partners.