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My name is Zutunu Mawutor. I am eleven year old. I am dark in complexion, and three feet tall. I have a broad face and a pointed nose. The game I like the best is soccer and my best food is rice and stew.

I am a pupil at Mafi Aborkofe School and I am in class two. My best subjects are Social Studies and Citizenship Education because I want to become a lawyer in the future. I like my school because teachers teach well and there is a lot of discipline. Education is one of the most important things in the world because it helps us identify the things we are best at and capable of doing.

My father is Mr. Atisco Zutunu. He is a mason and my mother is Victoria Hodey and she is a kenkey seller. I have two sisters and three brothers. I love my family because every one of them takes good care of me.