The Nanubhai Education Foundation (NEF) was founded by Raj Shah in 2004 in honor of Nanubhai Nayik, the principal of Kadod High School in Gujarat, India from 1963-1984. Principal Nanubhai transformed a small rural educational system into one which gave students tremendous opportunities. Due to his outstanding leadership and revolutionary approach to education, Nanubhai paved the way for over 500 students in rural Gujarat to obtain graduate education. Many of these students have migrated to the United States and the UK where they have enjoyed further professional opportunities. Raj's father was one of the students inspired by Nanubhai, and he settled in the United States as a practicing physician. During family trips to India, Raj was struck by the poverty in Kadod, the very village which gave his father the education to migrate to the United Sates. To make a sustainable difference through education, Raj created the Nanubhai Education Foundation to help Kadod High School continue empowering and opening doors for rural students in today's global economy.

Over the years, the successes of the Nanubhai Education Foundation have exceeded Raj's original expectations. The NEF team has created a cost-effective model for significantly improving rural government schools. The organization believes this validated model could be beneficial to schools throughout India. Nanubhai has seen dramatic improvements in test scores and graduation rates after implementing our teaching programs and providing books and computers. With the generous contributions of our supporters, the organization will be able to apply its model to improve the education of students across India.


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