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My parents ran a small shop in Makindye (a suburb of Kampala, Uganda). Mrs. Amina Bbaaale used to shop there. When my parents got sick from AIDS, I wondered what would become of me. I expected that like my parents I, too, would soon be dead because I am HIV positive.
Mrs. Bbaale told my parents I would be welcome to live with her and attend Peace Nursery and Primary School. Every month the Headmaster takes me to a clinic to get shots. The shots are really helping and I look forward to a long life. People who knew me before I came to Peace School do not recognize me now because my condition has improved so much. I would not be alive if not for Peace School. My life has turned around.
I am so thankful for Mrs. Bbaale. The family compound has been converted into a school that serves those like me who cannot pay school fees. Members of her family operate the school, teach, and somehow raise the money to keep the school going.
There is a Girls Dormitory at the school but because I am HIV positive, I live at Mrs. Bbaale’s house. I like being at Peace School because there are other orphans here. We are family for one another. Even though I don’t live in the dorm, the others include me in all their games and activities.
My favorite subject is English. I hope someday to be a carpenter. I would very much like to build houses, schools, and other buildings for people to live and work in.
Note: Peace Nursery and Primary School is a private school serving orphans and other children unable to afford the costs of attending public schools. As such, it receives no funding from public sources. Located in a suburb of Uganda’s capital city Kampala, the school is in a highly urban setting and must pay for water and sanitation service as well as teacher salaries and facilities. School Supplies include a school uniform, other clothing (underwear and after school clothing), hygiene items (soap, toothpaste, laundry soap, haircuts, etc) medical care, transportation, and entertainment (sports equipment, musical instruments). Educational materials include text books, light for studying at night, pencils, paper, etc. Room and board includes bedding, three meals a day seven days a week, and 24/7 adult supervision.


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  • Video of Ivy

    Ivy really enjoys singing and dancing - she's very much a natural performer! When two members of the Givology team visited the Peace School as volunteers, they took this video on Christmas Eve. (Ivy is the girl on the left in the orange and white dress.) Ivy is truly a very sweet and outgoing girl. She loves to play games and to make innovative creations from the refuse that other members of the household had thrown away. The detailed Givology blog account about the experiences at the Peace School, highlight some of the stories of Ivy. Even though she is HIV-positive and lost her parents at a young age (it's hard for a 10 year old to understand why she needs to take medicine all the time), Ivy is extremely friendly and optimistic. Ivy wrote the following message to all of you!
  • Update from Ivy!

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