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Provide a school community with a nutritious school lunch program for one month that will increase student attendance and participation in class, decrease malnutrition, and improve child health.


The Olosiyoi community is in great need of support for a lunch program. Free The Children recently constructed a school in the community, as a lack of infrastructure meant that 80% of school-aged children were not attending primary school.

Additionally 90% of the population in Olosiyoi live in extreme poverty, without access to proper nutrition or clean water. This project will enable students to study and improve their health through the provision of a lunch program at the school.


School lunch programs are good for increasing student concentration and encouraging student attendance and participation in class. This project will benefit 250 students.

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Free The Children is the largest network of children helping children through education. A registered charity in Canada and the United States, Free the Children has been working in partnership with communities in rural Kenya since 2001 to empower participants through education, health, water, and income generation programs.

Free the Children has built over 500 schools worldwide providing daily education to over 50,000 children.


  • Update from the Nutritious Lunch Program

    Please see below for an update from Free the Children on the Nutritious Lunch Program! Oloosioyi students playing during break time Increasing Enrollment and Classroom Performance As part of the health pillar of Free The Children’s Adopt a Village development model, Kenya’s nutrition program strives to maintain and increase enrollment in schools. In the past, many students had to leave school early or not attend school at all if a lunch was not provided during their school day. They had to go home to have their meals, or go to work to be able to afford a meal. For some students, their houses are so far from their school that by the time they eat, it would be too late to come back to school. Many students had to miss at least a half day of class in order to eat. Another issue that arose was that when students missed a meal, they could not concentrate on school due to hunger. Now, because of your support, the students enjoy nutritious food at school. After the nutrition program was im...