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Our project seeks to provide college scholarships to girls in rural India.


We distributed our first scholarship prizes in 2008 to two senior girls at Kadod High School. In 2013 we laid the groundwork to revamp and expand our scholarship program, which was rebranded as the Nanubhai Scholars program. In 2014, We selected 12 young women from schools across three districts in southern Gujarat. These girls are now over halfway through their programs, and receive monetary and social support. In 2015, we awarded scholarships to 36 young women in southern Gujarat. We also awarded 4 scholarship prizes to young women in Rajasthan. In June of 2016, we'll award another 36 scholarships in Gujarat, as well as 10 scholarships in Rajasthan, bringing our total up to 94 active Nanubhai Scholars across two states.


Only 10% of students in India have access to higher education. That number drops drastically when you talk about rural students, and in the case of girls from Scheduled Tribe/Scheduled Caste (ST/SC), that number drops to 0.9%. 66% of our Scholars are ST/SC. All Nanubhai Scholars demonstrate both financial need and academic merit, regardless of their Caste, religion, or ethnic background. Additionally, Nanubhai Scholars are expected to have an earning potential after graduation of anywhere from 5-13 times that of their family, and studies have found that women re-invest 98% of their earnings into their families and local communities. Lastly, 33% of all local government positions are reserved for women. Better educated women mean better educated leaders.

Team Credentials

Kate Jenkins, Executive Director, MFA Columbia University in the City of New York. 3 years with Nanubhai, Operations Manager at First Opinion App.
Jayesh Chaudhari, Project Manager, MSW Tata Institute of Social Sciences. 3 years with Nanubhai, 2 years with Government of Gujarat, Department of Tribal Affairs
Mitesh Chaudhari, Assistant Project Manager, M.Ed Saurashtra University. 1 year with Nanubhai, 3 years with Panschil University as a lecturer


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