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My name is Paola Alejandra. I am 14 years old. I was born in Bogotá, Colombia, South America. My family is made up of my mother, my father, one sister and three brothers. My youngest brother, my younger sister and I are studying now. I am in 8th grade. I study at the Francisco Antonio Zea School. I study in the afternoon. At school I have good teachers that help me to become a better person.

Currently we live in Usme neighborhood, a place located in southern Bogota. Usme has a lot of problems related to drugs, alcoholism, gangs, between others. However, I have good friends and get along with my neighbors very well. On my spare time I like to play soccer and help my mother with chores.

My dream is to finish high school and go to college to get a degree in psychology. I want to be a psychologist and help children. I like this career because I have qualities that fit this profession. One of these qualities is that I like to listen to people. I like giving advice to others so they do not make mistakes, others or I myself could make.

We, as other families, have problems at home. Some times we disobey and that has consequences. Some times our finances are very weak or our relationships within the family are not good. However, all can be solved. No matter what obstacles come into my way, I will work hard towards achieving my goal.


  • Paolo Alejandra's Letter

    [img]/images/user/542_3895864996832918725.jpg[/img] A cordial greeting to all my sponsors, This letter is to say hello and tell you about my school progress. I am happy to announce that I am in my first semester in college as a psychology student. Even though it's harder to go to school long distance, it is a great experience. I am doing pretty well as a college student. I know that the road is long, but all sacrifices will have a reward. I wish to finish college and help my community. Everything is possible with God's help, and of course, your help. Once again, THANK YOU for supporting me throughout my education. With your help, I will fulfill my dream of being a psychologist. I would love to have an quick response from you! May God bless you always. Truly yours, Paola Alejandra (Translation by our volunteer, [url=]Frida Herrera[/url])
  • Letter and Grades from Paola

    Here is an update from Paola containing a letter and her recent grades:
  • Letter

    Hola: Quiero saludarlos y contarles como me ha ido en estos primeros meses del año, en el cual me ha ido muy bien ya que es mi último año en el colegio y me da mucha alegría porque es una de las etapas mas hermosas “La del colegio.” He aprendido cosas positivas que me han ayudado mucho, he conocido gente muy valiosa, estoy bien con mi familia, espero poder terminar este año con muchos honores y poder ser una gran bachiller y así empezar un nuevo camino para mi vida. Espero cumplir mi sueño de ser una gran profesional y tener mi titulo de Psicóloga, y así ayudar a los demás, todo dependiendo de la ayuda de Dios y de ustedes… Ojala se encuentren bien y que Dios los llene de muchas bendiciones, y espero recibir respuesta de ustedes. Att: Paola Alejandra Hello, I want to greet you and tell you things about these first three months of the year. I am doing well. This is my last year at high school and I am very happy to be here since high school is one of the most beautiful stages in life...
  • Letter from Paola Alejandra!

    Dear sponsors: Hello! Through this letter I want to send you many greetings. May God always be with you! I want to share with you about how this school year has been. I have made the most of this year and have enjoyed it. I have learned many things that will be helpful to me in the future. I am living one of the most beautiful stages of being young and that is going to school which you have made possible as well as God. For that I give you many thanks and for helping me throughout this time. I would like to receive answers to my letters and also to hear about you. I also want to send you a nice Christmas and New Year message. May the meaning of Christmas – love and forgiveness- remain in your hearts and homes! Thank you for all your support. God bless you! Sincerely, Paola Alejandra Translated by Stella Lizarazo / Emmaus Road Foundation
  • Letter and Grades!

    Bogota Sponsors: Hello, sponsors. This is to inform you how I am and to tell you how I'm doing. I'm very happy because there's only a little bit left to this year. That makes me really happy because that means I only have a year left before I get my high school diploma. I hope to achieve all my dreams of being a great psychologist or dentist. I like both careers a lot. I also would like to hear from you all to know how you're doing and to be able to have the answers to the letters I sent to you. I hope that you're doing very well and that the grace of God fills you with many blessings and many thanks for all your support throughout this time. I hope for quick responses. Paola