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Update on Providing Accessible Toilets for Students with Disability in Uganda

We were not able to complete the construction of a second toilet in Uganda last summer, in spite of your generous grant ($4,000).
But most of the grant ($3,300) remains unspent and we are back on track for this summer. Our hope is to install a toilet and water at Ogul school, provide inclusivity training in disability, and develop M and E tools for measuring impact.
We have also deployed a very capable graduate student to work with our local partner.
In addition to our Givology grant, AP is contributing an $3,000 from our own core budget to make sure we complete this important project. This will ensure that the toilet and water are installed, but it will not pay for other important costs, including salaries, which will improve the long-term prospects for the project.
We'd be very grateful if Givology were able to throw in some extra funding, but are certainly not counting on it!
[url=]Attached is a report[/url] which explains all of this in more detail.
Thank you so much for not giving up on us and for your generosity!

All the best,
Iain Guest

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