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August 2017 Update: Uganda Toilet Appeal

[font=sans-serif]I'm pleased to report that your generous grant has been put to very good use this summer. We are very close to completing a second school toilet project, at the Ogul school, as[url=][color=#7e57c2] [/color][color=#7e57c2]described in this news bulletin[/color][/url].
We expect the toilet to be completed next week and handed over to the school in a ceremony. We'll be publishing a second bulletin when that happens and will submit a report to Givology towards the end of the year.
Looking ahead, this model seems to be working well. We'll continue to visit the two schools and monitor the toilets that we've installed through to the end of 2017, and hope to fund at least one more toilet project next year.
I do hope we can continue to work with Givology on this important program. This would not have been possible without your help.
[/font][font=sans-serif]Hope we can connect again at some stage - and once again thank you for your help![/font]

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