Baraka Children's Centre (BCC) is a home for destitute children, orphans, street children, and other vulnerable children that was established in 2004. Our vision is improved spiritual, mental, and physical health and well-being for orphans and destitute children. Currently, we have 12 orphaned children whom we are supporting. 83% of our children have been orphaned by losing their parents to HIV/AIDS, and 17% have lost their parents to violence.

We make it a priority that all children attend school, despite the fact that Kenya does not offer universal free education past the primary level. The fees for school, along with other educational necessities such as books and uniforms, are some of BCC’s most significant expenses.

Aside from the basics of being fed, clothed, and provided education, BCC believes in holistic childhood development, and provides counseling services to all of its children, as well as the option of spiritual education and prayer, and artistic expression such as music.

As BCC looks to the future, we are hoping to start orphanhood-prevention activities, including starting a school with a peacebuilding focus on the premises to combat violence, a main source of orphanhood in the area. Other activities will include community outreach focused on HIV/AIDS education and community-brainstorming discussions to educate people about the problem of orphanhood and come up with community-based solutions.


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