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Update from the Circle of Peace School!

Some exciting things have been happening at the Circle of Peace School lately!

For one, we are now a certified non-profit with 501(c)(3) status known as Circle of Peace International!

We've also gotten in our Primary Leaving Examination scores for 2010. Eleven "Primary Seven" students scored in the 1st (top) level and three schored in the 2nd level out of fifteen total students.

In August, David Davenport, a student from the University of Richmond, will use his David Projects for Peace Foundation $10,000 grant to build us a poultry farm that will make the school more self-sustainable financially. The farm will raise egg-laying hens. The profits obtained from selling those eggs will help support the school and its educational efforts.

The beginnings of the poultry-farm

AHEAD Energy, a non-profit which has partnered with both Givology and the Circle of Peace School, has been busy helping us with a variety of projects.

In April 2009, AHEAD installed ten 120W solar panels, which are producing electricity to light the classrooms, the two dormitories, and the school yard; as well as running some small appliances. In April 2010, an additional seven solar panels were added that provide electricity for the school office and the main house.

In June 2010 AHEAD paid to have a water harvesting system installed so that rain-water can be used not only in the latrines, but for cleaning, laundry, and bathing. In February 2011 a second system was installed to provide water to the showers that staff and boarding school students use. Most recently, AHEAD provided an electric pump to transfer water from holding tanks on the ground to elevated tanks.

Remember to save the date for our Annual Banquet & Fundraiser! It will be held at the Heritage Country Club on Saturday, November 12th with more details to come!


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