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Message to our supporters

"To our supporters:
Our organization celebrates our 13th anniversary and we thank you for your never ending support. We have turned from a sprout into a tree.
The value of the RMB has increased significantly in the past few years. Even though elementary school is free, other expenses add up to 3000 RMB ($500). A high student spends 3000 RMB ($500) on school tuition, and 4000 RMB ($640) per year on living expenses, spending a total of about 7000 RMB ($1126). Despite giving students 1600 RMB ($300) scholarships, our students still have to apply for grants from the country and even then students do not have enough money. In these areas, our organization helps students take out loans.
We plan to give middle school students $150 scholarships for a year, high school students $300 scholarships for a year. These have increased from the previous 800 RMB ($128) scholarships given to middle school students and the previous 900 RMB ($144) given to high school students. For high school students, tuition has increased. Please support us!
If because of the increase in scholarships you wish to cut down on the number of sponsored students, please let us know.
Finally, we thank you for your support.
Zheng Tian Qin
Zhao An Li
August 2014"
Translated by Givology Volunteer, Ru-Ping Chen.


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