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SKIP Peru Reading Program Update

We wrote to you last year regarding our literacy programme for 170 children in El Porvenir. Moniker responded to our appeal, giving $500 to help us purchase reading books.

Originally, we had wanted to purchase a reading scheme, but we were made aware of internet software that enabled us to level books by typing in a page of text into the system, and a resulting level was given. For this reason, and issues regarding shipping of the reading scheme (as the only one we could find was in the US), we decided to purchase books within Peru.

We were able to purchase 44 additional texts for the reading scheme and a further 12 big picture story books for the library and for teachers to read out in class.

Our progress with the Primary Teaching Programme over the last year has been impressive. We saw attendance gradually rise throughout the year. At the start, 40 percent of children were making it to all three of their lessons per week, by the end of the year this was 69 percent. 80 percent of children in Primary Grades 2-6 improved their reading grade and 60 percent improved by two or more reading levels.

For 2011, we have increased the programme and we now have 199 children enrolled. This has meant an increase from 6 groups to 9 groups as we try to make room for all the children. We are also trying to limit class sizes to 20 chidlren so that we are able to offer quality lessons (this is possible because around 20 of the chidlren are not able to study with us in the afternoons as they have school in the afternoon).

Attendance has been increadible, we have more children in the SKIP Centre than ever before. We have run out of space and the rooms that were planned to be our new offices, have been turned into another classroom and a therapy room so that we can fit in all the children! Keep your eyes peeled for our next volunteering appeal, as these rooms still have no furniture and no windows or doors!!

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