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October SKIP update

We are coming to the end of our school year for 2017 in Supporting Kids in Peru (“SKIP”) and we are greatly looking forward to the next! The education department of SKIP offers a free service to the communities´families which are enrolled in our program, the pupils of primary receive both core and extracurricular classes. We focus on Maths, Spanish, and English and the development of their abilities in art, sport. SKIP also offers support with homework and the use of our library. Another academic year completed at SKIP signifies another year of free education provided to over 200 pupils, 160 of which are primary children.
Currently for primary we are working on a special celebration for the children in November for the Dia de los Derechos del Niño. The children will spend an afternoon discovering their rights in a fun and interactive way which will empower them to realise their potential. For the remainder of the year we will be looking forward to our Christmas celebrations and preparing for our next project which runs throughout January and February, the Summer Club. Look out for updates on all of these fun activities we have coming up.
We hope you will be able to support our next campaign which provides all SKIP families whom have been with us for one year or more with school uniforms and shoes for the children.
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