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Update from Pengfang

Please see below for an update from Pengfang Zhang. As you can see, she is trying to maintain a better work-life balance. Please continue to message her your words of encouragement and support! It may also be helpful to let her know that it's possible to do well while also having fun once in a while.


Dear good-hearted people:

Hope work/school is going well for you and you are enjoying good health!

Since I wrote to you in March, I have yet to write again, please forgive me! Sometimes I really think I am one who forgets those who help me, and throws everything aside in the name of "studying". Gradually, I began to realize this is an immature way of doing things. I forgot about life, forgot about gratitude, and forgot about everything else because of school. I began to realize that if I stay "crazy" like this, I will only be a failed person.

People should be animals that understand life, understand learning. But I misunderstood it. I thought studying like a madman means I understood life, and understood learning. But I was deadly wrong. This is why my grades are not very good at school. Just like a teacher once said, those who don't know how to live don't know how to work. I am one who did not know how to live, so my grades weren't ideal. My way is called brute force as opposed to hard work. Hard work is much deeper than brute force. It makes you happier, and gives you strength and courage.

This semester, I have been trying to walk the path of "know how to live, know how to work", to seek out a life path. I discipline my behaviors, and let go of the tension and stress, and face everything with an eased heart. This habit would benefit me for life, and a relaxed attitude will fill me with strength. I think this would make me a complete person. I promise from now on, I will try to discipline myself, keep a positive attitude, and become a person who understands life. I will change the laziness that sets me back and that I repent. Do you believe I can do it?

I thank God for letting me understand all of this, or I will destroy my life and would not be able to do anything about it even if I regret it!

I am well in general, my health is good. I barely had any small illness this semester, so I think someone's attitude is very important. I hope you all have a positive and relaxed attitude when facing all the hardships in life.

Wishing you happiness!

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