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Update from Qinghai: April 2010

Please see below for a letter we recently received from Qinghai. Don't forget to message him back!!


Dear Givology,

I am Qinghai Ran. I was very happy to receive your letter, but I'm really sorry, because my English is awful, so I can't use English to write back to you.

Thank you very much for your support. I will definitely work hard to do my best, because I'm convinced that trying hard is not necessarily enough to succeed, although giving up certainly leads to failure. I will use both of my hands to change fate and overcome my obstacles.

Recently I've been doing well and my grades keep going up. Although we've had some trouble recently, after getting another loan from the Peach Foundation, everything got better. There's no need to worry, I'm doing quite well. I think that if my grades keep going up like this, and I don't let the difficulties of life have too much influence on me, I will slowly get closer to my dreams.

I hope you are all healthy and that all goes well.

Qinghai Ran

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