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Update from Qinghai

See below for an update from Qinghai Ran. Please share any advice you have for him on studying a foreign language!


Dear Givology:

My name is Ran Qinghai. I am pretty good right now and my family is pretty good too. Thanks so much for your concern!

My grades haven't been so good recently. However I think it has nothing to do with how hard I studied; instead I think it's due to my study methods. But I will figure out my problems and change my study methods. Hard work won’t always result success; having a good method is essential too. But in order to succeed, hard work is extremely necessary. Thus I will work even harder to archive my dream. I think I will succeed!

My favorite subject is English, and I work very hard on it because English is my weakest subject. I really don’t know how to get better at English but I don’t want to give up either. What should I do?

Best wishes,

Qinghai Ran

April 6, 2010

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