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Dear Uncles and Aunties,

Hello! May 12, 2009, which is yesterday, is the one year anniversary of Wenchuan Earthquake. During the three minute silence tribute, I'm utterly grateful that I'm still alive, enjoying my life for the 17th year, still capable of seeing, touching and loving.

I appreciate everything I have.

My parents are both farmers, who work exceptionally hard to support my bother and me. They believe that knowledge can change our fate that my bother and I will not suffer poverty any more. I know what they have been through for the last 16 years-we are poor but we thrive on destitution. My parents take great pride in our excellent scores.

I thank my parents for bringing me to this world and taking good care of me. I thank you, kindly uncles and aunties, and society. When we felt so despairing after losing our house in the Wenchuan Earthquake, so many people helped us. It's almost impossible for an impoverished family to support two kids going to high school. But neither my brother nor I can endure the pain of not being able to finish high school. But you, uncles and aunties, really helped me out that I no longer think about giving up, instead this time I will try my best to get into my dream college, change my fate with knowledge and return the favor to all the people who once helped me.

It's been almost 1 year since I entered high school, and my brother is facing the high school entrance exams, which I know is a huge burden on my parents' shoulders. Uncles and aunties, my bother and I are so upset when seeing our parents worry about us but all we can do is work harder. Every kid who enjoys learning understand the importance of knowledge, which is the key to success. And your love gives this key beautiful wings so it can finally fly to us, two kids from a destitute family.

The help and care you give me makes me feel warm inside because love is like sunshine. Uncles and aunties, thank you!

After the earthquake, people are recovering, rebuilding their homeland. As to me, I will always strive for my future. I know for sure that my dream is going to come true one day. My hard work will one day pay off. Uncles and aunties, trust me that I'll work extremely hard. I will repay your huge favor by my excellent scores and a good character.

Best Wishes,

Qin Wang

Class 9 Grade 10

Ningqiang No.1 Middle School

May 13, 2009

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