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Update from Qin Wang - Fall 2010

We recently received an update from Qin Wang. Please feel free to message her back to show your continued support.


To you, people with loving heart:

Time goes very fast, with your support and concern; I have sat in my 12th grade classroom for quite some time now. Days pass like dripping water and time dances on my wrist with a never-ending ticking.

September isn’t as hot as August was, but the sky is unbelievably beautiful right now and the clouds are very white and high. My dream is like one of my textbook essays about an eagle which can live in a cage but with extremely strong wings. At this moment I feel like I am an eagle; one day I will be able to fly into clouds.

It seems like my generation is born in a lovely period, but I think we learn how to be strong. After recent natural disasters, depression and many small problems, I understand the harness of life. We always contradict ourselves. The world from our textbooks and my parent’s mouths is way too perfect. It has been heavily decorated. But as I grow up I learn that many bad things can happen. The world is really unpredictable. But no matter what I think, this is “my show”. When I am facing many problems, I always want to find the real me and my initial dream. Just like what Jackie Chan says in the movie “The Karate Kid”: anything, even the smallest thing like saying good bye to parents, can’t be taken carelessly. If a person is right, then his world would be correct as well.

It is September; I am not far away from the Chinese College Entrance test anymore.

My 11th grade summer is full of extra classes. I set a goal for myself: I have to work my hardest to get into LanZhou University, my ideal university. I think it is even better than Tsing Hua University. LanZhou Uniersity is near ShanXi province. My brother and I like this university because people coming out of this university are always modest and steady.

On the first day of school I said to myself, ‘I am not a child anymore. I can’t be capricious anymore. I have to eat well, use my best ability to go to classes, and sleep’.

Thank you for your support. No matter if I am a student or no longer a student; I will not be lonely. From across the ocean you are there helping me. It is really a miracle to have you in my teenage life.

A thousand thanks! I am not able to say this in person but my word can speak for itself!

I remember what Xi Mu Rong said once: I met you out of millions of people, not earlier, not later, but I met you now. When I met you I want to say “oh, you are here as well”. This sentence implies that there are many loves in the world.

Best Wishes

Qin Wang

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