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Rahina is a bright, energetic kindergartener in Dalun, a village in rural northern Ghana. She is one of the smartest students in her class and is already able to do basic multiplication and division. She is very energetic at play time and especially likes riding a tricycle, looking through books, and counting with Lego blocks. When she gets home from school, she teaches her siblings and friends what she learned in class. She also helps her mother with chores around the house while her father farms. Her parents are proud that she can greet people in English and use other basic phrases. People in Rahina’s village frequently get sick from malaria and other illnesses, and Rahina hopes to one day become a nurse to help people stay healthy.


  • A 2012 update from Titagya Schools!

    Here's an update that we received from [font=Arial]Titagya School, which Rahina attends! [/font] [img]/images/user/2008_4770761221348686319.jpg[/img] The new pre-school in Kpong [img]/images/user/2008_3698957349118174144.jpg[/img] [color=#505050] Students at the kindergarten in Dalun [/color]Dear Friends, We hope that 2012 is ending well for you! A week ago, we opened our newest pre-school in a village called Kpong in northern Ghana. This third school substantially increases the size of the Titagya family, bringing us 90 more students, 4 additional teachers, 2 teachers' assistants, and a new watchman. It expands our work to a second community (the first two schools are in Dalun) and takes us a step further in the direction of having a transformative impact on the early education system in northern Ghana. [font=Arial]Kpong - a community of about 1,000 people - and the surrounding villages face similar challenges to Dalun, in that young children are expected to go from a home ...
  • Update from Rahina

    Over the past couple of months, Rahina has become fascinated with drawing and other means of artistic expression. She especially likes drawing the different kinds of trees that are in the community, mainly acacia and mango trees. Her class has been talking about how trees provide fresh air for us to breath. She has also been learning about how to combine different letters to create short words. Her teacher is very happy with her growth as a learner. Rahina's parents are busy farming since this is the harvesting season in Dalun, her village. The harvesting period is the busiest time of the year, where all of the community comes together to help each other pick their crops and get them to market. The students like to talk with their teachers about the different local crops, such as corn, rice, and peanuts.
  • Update from Rahina

    Rahina and her Dad =)


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