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Richmond is a 15 year old deaf student who is extremely passionate about his education. Richmond’s parents died when he was four years old due to ill health. Richmond now lives with his sibling and his grandmother. Richmond’s favorite food is fufu (a traditional Ghanaian dish). Richmond has enormous potential for excelling in school, he simply needs the tools. If Richmond were to receive a scholarship, he would be able to go to school prepared with pens, pencils, math sets, notebooks, and money for lunch every day. Richmond has a lot of hope that one day he will receive a scholarship for his education and he keeps his spirits high by playing football and drumming. After completing school he would like to become a pharmacist so that he can help others with medical issues.


  • Update from Richmond!

    Current School: Ashanti School for the Deaf Current Place in School: 10th out of 30 students Future Career: A mechanic Richmond is deaf and mute but teachers report of an improved performance. On our last visit to the school, the headmaster told us that Richmond's attitudes and conduct have changed as he has become more studious and disciplined. We have yet to receive his academic report.


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