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Update from Romina: "I am very happy to know that you like my profile and are excited to learn about me"


I’m Romina, and I am very happy to know that you like my profile and are excited to learn about me.

My classes are going very well. I’m fighting to fulfill my desired goals and to make my dreams a reality.

I will gladly respond to the questions you sent me.

My favorite subjects are: Math, English, Science and History. This is because, in my point of view, these subjects are important for a person’s professional development.

The reason I want to be an agricultural engineer is because I have been following all of the news concerning this field, or at least the most important facts. Moreover, as you all know, I’m from Tobatí. This has made me enjoy studying this subject even more, since my city is very connected to everything that is agricultural. My environment has influenced me to want to become an agricultural engineer.

Referring to your last question, yes I like music and poetry. I like poetry because I think it is beautiful that humans can write about their personal feelings through words and marvelous verses. My favorite poet is Pablo Neruda, and I’m captivated when I read and memorize his poems.

I also like music because it is a way to reflect on all that we feel and all we want to say through song. I particularly enjoy slow songs, songs that are based on real life, and ones that can even be sung many years from now.

I promise to keep dedicating myself and working hard in my studies, especially since you have taken an interest in me. I’m very happy and thankful.


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