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Ria is 6 years old and in Primary 1. Pink is her best color. She loves flowers and enjoys drawing. Her best time of the day is listening to her teacher read story books to the class. It makes her feel happy and
excited. The story she enjoys the most is Junie B Jones: A First Grader at Last. She imagines herself to be in the story as if she were Junie B Jones. "It is very interesting," she says.
Ria's mother has a little restaurant and sells cooked food to people during lunch and dinner time. Some days she sells all the food but some days she doesn't. Her father doesn't have a job since he had a leg
injury he has been having trouble walking.
Ria feels lucky to attend to Circle of Peace School. She says the teachers there are wonderful and caring.
"We learn how to read, write, sing, dance, debate and play." She wants to have more reading books because she learns good lessons and draws pictures from the stories.



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