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    Joyce - I have really enjoyed reading your blog. As I am about to spend two weeks at the Circle of Peace School, I cannot tell you how much I value your insights. Since I began working with Givology and the school, I have gotten to know Joanita really well, and we have created a friendship that is invaluable to me. I feel that your comments about the school and her involvement with it combine the right amount of strict analysis and compassion, humility, and understanding. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences with the Givology community. I am looking forward to doing the same upon my return.
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    On completing this challenge, unfortunately a day late, I am very glad to have done this and I it has made me think a little deeper (or at least more consistently) about education. As a nanny, I am around children all day. Their families are at least lower middle class, and for the most part upper middle class and all extremely well educated, with both parents possessing at least a Masters degree if not a PhD, so education is very highly valued. I get to do a lot of tutoring and reading with the kids, and that is one of my favorite parts of my job. Not to sound horribly corny, but watching a person learn how to read is one of the most beautiful, exciting, and rewarding experiences ever. It opens their mind in ways that aren’t really describable. Also, because they are literate, you know that their life possibilities have been immeasurably increased. For days 2 and 3 of the challenge, I invited friends to join Givology and our facebook account, and messaged students at the Circle of ...
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    So, sorry this is a day late, but I had a crazy week last week and then, honestly, I played in the snow all weekend. It was awesome. Moving on, for Day 4 of the challenge, I decided to spread awareness by talking to someone about global educational disparities, and seeing what their opinion was. I decided that since basically everyone on this blog is an adult, we should get the input of someone still in grade school like the students we are trying to raise fund for, so I asked a 10 year old girl. She is very mature, intelligent, thoughtful, and creative. I am able to spend a lot of time with her, as I part-time nanny for their family. I had already spoken with her about poverty and other conditions in Uganda, and the Circle of Peace School. I asked her what she thought her life would be like if she was not educated. She responded that she thought she wouldn't know as much or be educated enough to realize that Barbie dolls were unfeminist (she is very aware of gender discriminati...
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    I just wrote to Kuteesa Abu at the Circle of Peace School, and a little while ago I wrote to Herbert and Benon. I think it is so cool that Givology makes it possible to communicate with students around the world. I hope they enjoy reading my letters as much as I enjoyed writing them. I am looking forward to hearing back from them. It will also be amazing to meet these students when I go to Uganda in March!
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    I just completed day 2 of the challenge. I invited 20 people to join Givology and 53 friends on facebook to join. Hope we get some positive responses!