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My name is Simon Doe. I come from Mafi Tsati in the Volta Region. I am 13 years old. The game I like best is football and my best food is kokonte kple` and groundnut soup. The subjects I like best are social studies, citizenship education, and reading of story books because I want to become a journalist in the future. My school has four main departments. These are nursery, kindergarten, primary and Junior High School.

I like the school because teachers teach well and there is also discipline in the school. My school is one of the leading schools in the country in terms of academic performance.

Education is very important for me because if you are well educated, you can create wealth for your nation and without such wealth the nation cannot develop.

The name of my father is Mr. Icwadzo Agbanu and he is a palm wine tapper. My mother is Gladys Abeku, and she is a farmer. She grows tomatoes, peppers, cassava, and maize. I have four siblings. Victoria is twenty eight, Comfort is twenty one, Syvanus is eighteen, and Emmanuel is fifteen. I love my family because everybody performs his or her duty properly.


  • Simon with his new school supplies!