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Serah is a very compassionate little girl. She is always concerned for other people, and often will tell an adult if she suspects a certain child is upset/tired/frustrated. She loves jumping rope and her favorite food is chapattis (Kenya’s version of a tortilla). She is an excellent student and wants to be a doctor when she grows up.

While Flying Kites respects our children's right to privacy, we feel it important to convey to their supporters the various desperate situations from which they have come. In a cross-small section of the children living at the Flying Kites Leadership Academy, you will find that all of the children in our care were born into absolute poverty. The children who are accepted into our Home have no other options for care with extended family members, or they have been removed from their parent's custody. We cater to children who have been orphaned, abused, abandoned, and raped. Some of the children in our care were forced into marriage as the age of eight, others suffer from HIV, epilepsy, paralysis.


  • An update from Sera

    [b]Serah[/b] has a naturally positive disposition. There is something so striking about Serah that you can't help but be moved by her. Serah loves to hold onto the people in her life, and once you are inside her heart, then you will be there forever. Serah is in grade four and although at times she has a hard time focusing in school, she works hard and gets much accomplished when she puts her mind to it. She loves to tease people, especially pretending to not know who they are or from where they came. Serah is humble and polite and consistently well-behaved. She is always there to lend a helping hand to anyone in need and does so with a love unparalleled. There is an innocence and possibility in Serah's spirit, and just having her in your life can make you feel as if any dream is possible. [img]/images/user/1561_3868814547869343712.jpg[/img]
  • Letter from Serah

  • Update from Serah - Nov 2010

    We recently received an update from Serah and Flying Kites. Please continue to message back to show your continued support! "Serah is notorious for quietly sneaking up alongside staff and volunteers and slipping her hand inside theirs but Serah’s quiet demeanor disappears when playing her favorite game, Zingo (bingo with a zing.) Serah has consistently climbed the ranks in her class, now threatening the standing of a few of our boys; something we are very proud to see. Healthy competition is something we are always looking to encourage."