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Each year EfforTZ seeks to provide basic school supplies and materials that will enable children to not only attend school but participate in the basic aspects of learning. Without pencils to write with, paper to write on and other necessary items for use in the classrooms these children will never be able to rise out of poverty.
For the 2014 school year, we have collected school supplies for the 1,080 students attending the Kaloleni primary school in Arusha, Tanzania. This school receives limited government support and most of the families who send their children to Kaloleni are very poor, surviving on less than $2 a day per family member. These families have just enough money to pay for their children’s uniforms; they do not have enough to pay for school books and supplies, too.
We have the school supplies for these children. They have been generously donated by our more than 130 volunteers and supporters. What we do not have is the funding to pay the transportation costs to get the school supplies to the children. We have until January of 2014 to raise the funds we need. The cost of transporting them is 56 cents per child. The total cost we need to get the supplies to Tanzania, and into the hands of the 1,080 Kaloleni children, is $600.


EfforTZ Foundation is a small US registered charity that works to provide quality educational opportunities to impoverished children in Arusha, Tanzania by providing scholarships to students and books and supplies to primary schools. EfforTZ is run by dedicated volunteers from the fields of business, nonprofits and education. EfforTZ believes that every child deserves a quality education and a chance at a life not mired in poverty.
Participation in Tanzanian primary schools has been increasing over the past 10 years but has failed to translate into higher enrollment in secondary schools. In a September 7, 2013 article in the Tanzanian Daily News, Dr. Kitila Mkumbo of the University of Dar es Salaam Department of Education, Psychology, and Curriculum Studies, said “…the proportion of students passing the primary school … examinations (for secondary school admission) has been declining steadily…” Among the reasons he noted is the lack of books and school supplies.
EfforTZ’s objective with this project is to provide the books and school supplies to the Kaloleni primary school that the government is not providing and the parents cannot afford.


In 2011, EfforTZ began donating school supplies to some of the poorest primary schools in Arusha, Tanzania. Our goal was to help them improve the quality of the education they were providing to their students. Through the 2012 school year, EfforTZ provided 2,720 lbs. of school supplies to four primary schools.
The four schools that participated in this program in 2012 saw an increase of 3% in the number of students gaining admission to secondary school. This contrasts with the18% decrease in admission to secondary school experienced countrywide.

Team Credentials

In 2011, EfforTZ began working with four primary schools in Arusha, one of which is the Kaloleni primary school. The board members and volunteers of EfforTZ have been working and volunteering in Tanzania for almost 8 years, many of these years with Kaloleni. One of our board members is Tanzanian. Our local operations director, also a Tanzanian national, has lived and worked in Arusha for many years. He has also worked closely with Kaloleni for three years, principally organizing and coordinating EfforTZ annual volunteer work in the school and distributing previously donated books and school supplies.


  • The supplies have arrived!

    Not everything in life runs smoothly but as Shakespeare said Alls well that ends well. And, so it was with the 1,150 pounds of school supplies that our donors collected and that we shipped to Arusha in late 2013. As only ocean voyages can go, delivery of our goods in Tanzania, promised for early February, didnt arrive in port until May of 2014! So, we thought a week in customs and then well have our goods. Oops, not so fast& Our goods were delivered to our shipping partner. And, our pallet (which we had clearly identified as being separate from theirs) was inadvertently disassembled along with all their pallets. The result  now all our individual boxes previously packed in the pallet, were scattered throughout their warehouse with their staff was unable to identify what belonged to us. Thankfully, our shipping partner came to the rescue, flew a representative to Tanzania, and thanks to the labeling we had put on our individual boxes, he was able to find our supplies and give the...
  • Current Shipping Pictures from EfforTZ!

    [img]/images/user/6721_6839583376387249308.jpg[/img] [img]/images/user/6721_5263118464360550896.jpg[/img] [img]/images/user/6721_1005071445731141030.jpg[/img] Our Dear Donors, Happy New Year! Here are 3 pictures of the school supplies shipping preparation: 1) Some of the boxes that have to be unpacked, inventoried and repackaged in Gaylord boxes for shipping 2) The packed Gaylord boxes before wrapping 3) The wrapped Gaylord boxes for actual shipping Thank you for all of your help in making an impact so far--we hope that you will continue supporting us in the future! Mary