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The supplies have arrived!

Not everything in life runs smoothly but as Shakespeare said Alls well that ends well. And, so it was with the 1,150 pounds of school supplies that our donors collected and that we shipped to Arusha in late 2013. As only ocean voyages can go, delivery of our goods in Tanzania, promised for early February, didnt arrive in port until May of 2014! So, we thought a week in customs and then well have our goods.
Oops, not so fast& Our goods were delivered to our shipping partner. And, our pallet (which we had clearly identified as being separate from theirs) was inadvertently disassembled along with all their pallets. The result  now all our individual boxes previously packed in the pallet, were scattered throughout their warehouse with their staff was unable to identify what belonged to us. Thankfully, our shipping partner came to the rescue, flew a representative to Tanzania, and thanks to the labeling we had put on our individual boxes, he was able to find our supplies and give them to us  in July! Best of all, thanks to the fast work of our Tanzanian operations representative, we were able to get Nauras school supplies to them shortly after 2nd semester at school started.
We have included a picture below showing the smiles on the faces of some of the students and teachers at Naura telling Givology just how grateful they and we are to you for donating the funds to pay for the shipping of some of these school supplies. Thank you!
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