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The Rift Valley Children's Village provides a permanent, loving home for 97 marginalized children and young adults. RVCV's residents live onsite until they complete higher education and secure gainful employment, essentially reaching self-sustainability! Each student's grades and passions are evaluated alongside the national marketplace for employment to determine a roadmap for their individual success. In 2017, 9 outstanding students graduated from Secondary School and will move on A-Levels and University or a college or vocational school. Your support will help us encourage these students to chase their dreams and pursue a career that supports their future families and makes them happy!


RVCV operates in a poor, rural area of northern Tanzania where the average annual income is $300 per year. Residents of RVCV typically have lost their parents or escaped from abuse or neglect. Nutritional diets, education, access to health care and a loving, caring home to grow in are basic human rights and tenants of our mission to provide beautiful childhoods to each of the kids living here.


Less than 10% of Tanzanian students attend higher education, but this opportunity not only provides specialized skills for entering the job market, but also valuable connections across the country. RVCV currently has more than 30 students in higher education. As children grow, so do their expenses and we need support for perhaps the most important part of their personal and professional development.

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Students attend Tanzania's best higher education institutions, such as Pansiansi Wildlife Institute, Marian Secondary School, St. Augustine's University, etc. It is important that these students attend higher education in Tanzania because the networks they obtain are just as important as the actual education and our mission is to help build bright futures in Tanzania.