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The Autobiography of a Middle School Student

Middle school student, a common phrase. There are many messages hidden in this common phrase. Some of the messages are good, some bad, but please listen as I explain them to you.

I am a common middle school student. My name is Shanling Li. I am a girl of the Bai ethnicity. I am 14 years old. I was born on the 7th of January in 1993. I live in Yunan Province, Lijiang county, Yulong Town, Xinzheng Village. Outside of school I like to read, collect specimen, and run. Some of the meaningful experiences include being the Team Leader and Group Leader of my class, wining the title of “Three Excellence Student”, etc. I have also stayed beside my grandpa when he was suffering from mental illness. My family’s economic hardship has taught me to live frugally.

My family is a common family. My family members are my grandpa, dad, mom, sister and myself. My sister is 0 years old and a fourth grader in elementary school. My family’s economic standing is as follows: we have a mud house with walls and door. We reply on my parent’s labor income and our proceeds from farming and domestic cattle. Our family’s economic burden include our living expenses, and school expenses of my sister and myself.


  • Letter from Shanling

    Below is our most recent update from Shanling. Givology apologizes for the delay in receiving, translating and posting the letter. -- Dear Givology, I am so happy to have received your latest letters. Has everything been going well in the recent months? The bells for the new semester have already rung (we have been in class for a month now), and spring is here. Where you live, can you see the peach blossoms blooming, the cherry blossoms slowly withering away, the green grass, and the catkin falling from the willow trees? Also, regarding the letter I wrote you on January 30, 2010, is it really hard to understand? My English composition skills are still lacking. Next time, I will try to do better, thanks for understanding. Givology—supported by volunteers and donors from around the world. I am so fortunate to have your help. I appreciate your concern for my family; I am also very thankful for your praise. Givology, I will do my best to respond to your letters. In the recent months, my...
  • Translation of Shanling's Letter

    Below is a translation of Shanling's letter. Please message her to show your continued support! -- Dear Givology’s uncle and aunties, How are you? Recently, has everything been running smoothly? I am very happy to have received your letter. In the previous letter that I wrote to you, I always thought “Givology” was the name of a person, but now I know that it is an organization. Here, I want to say “thank you” for all the support, help and trust that you have given me. Yes, uncles and aunties of Givology, let me reassure you that regardless of whatever obstacles and challenges that I would have to face, I will be strong in my conviction, and vigorously climb upwards. I believe that “there is nothing hard in the world if you are willing to clamber”. Recently, father and mother have been home farming. (Father has a minor cold, mother said she occasionally has stomach pain). There have not been any extreme changes at home. I have a younger sister at home, she is well. (Grandfather,...
  • Letter from Shanling Li: Dec 2009

    Here is a letter we recently received from Shanling Li! An English translation is on its way. Please message her to show your continuing support! --
  • A letter from Shanling Li

    Respected Aunts and Uncles at Givology, Hello! Has everything been going smoothly for you lately? Are you happy? Three and a half semesters have already passed since I entered high school life. During the time that has gone by, I have felt very grateful to have been chosen by you as a recipient of your financial aid? so because of this, I'd first like to say a big "thank you" to both you and the Peach Foundation. I'm thanking you for your care and support, and thanking Peach for the new opportunity they have created for me as well as the school supplies and other daily necessities they have given me. In the world of this life, because I've had Peach's support, my toiling parents' hardships have been lessened a bit, and my family's anxiety has been somewhat alleviated...Yes, you have really provided me with a patch of blue sky. The past is like the wind, lightly blowing by my ear. Second? I will tell you a couple of things about myself! [I was born i...


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