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Dear supporters,

I am applying for your grant to continue my schooling, and I am so grateful to fulfill my dream from my mountain village of Wen Yuan.

My name is Shi Ming Ying, female, from the Yi minority. I was born on the 17th of February of 1994. My family lives in Yuan Yang city of E Zha County. Attending now my 9th grade class, I become the top student of my grade last year. When I heard of your interest of assisting me, my tears almost came out to my eyes.

My parents divorced and I live with my grandmother since I was 8 years old. My step mother would rather not live with me, so I stay with grandma and making my life difficult. My father now seeks to divide the family estate but my grandparents refused several times. So he becomes violent and treating my grandparents and me badly he even hit us. I do not want go home when school are off; but I have to help my grandparents to manage household. I lost my mother's love, and family happiness.

Since my elementary school, my father paid no attention to my school; fees and cost are covered by my grandparents. My hope is to move my father's harsh treatment of me by my excellent school work. However, whenever I show my grade report to him, excellent results, he shows no interest and that leaves me sobering in the corner. I keep telling myself "Shi Ming Ying, the only hope is for you to continue your excellent work; you cannot give up because of him." I ask my father to change to a different middle school, but my stepmother comments "What use for a girl attending school? It's more profitable for her to work on low-end jobs." I leave the room with tears I know, they care only their son, my brother. What am I to them?

They treat me as extra burden they are trying to get rid of. During the last year of my middle school, my father came to school one day and stayed with me. He finally confided to me that he felt sorry for ignoring me and even with so much family difficulties, I was able to keep up my work as the top student of the grade. He said that he will try to earn more by his labor. I was moved by his words, and I hope with your assistance, I can continue my schooling to achieve excellence in the future for the care of my grandparents.


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    Shi Ming Ying is asking to renew her scholarship as she begins college, through the Peach Foundation. She is a motivated student. Here is her application--which includes her prior year test scores. [img]/images/user/2861_17163834365122018192.jpg[/img] [img]/images/user/2861_17867820477045408879.jpg[/img] Translated by Givology Team Member, Junhong Chen.
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