I have been many things over the past 50 years: student, teacher, soldier, humanitarian, etc. I am adventurous, creative, caring, mostly kindhearted, generous, but also lazy, stubborn, overweight, unorganized, and self indulgent. I love to dance, garden, watch tv, travel, swim in the ocean or a lake, make snuggle pillows for children, etc. I believe everyone should do something to make the world better. Therefore , I support many causes: the environment, human rights, empowering women, hunger, housing, animals, education,disease prevention and treatment, and many others. My sister calls me "the rebel with too many causes"! I am actually very proud of that and feel good about myself when I advocate, donate, volunteer, do projects to give directly, "click to give" through and even play "games that give". I also pray for many causes and the people involved as well as my own loved ones. I wish I had the power and opportunities to do even more. It is also my belief that we should all be grateful for our many blessings and to live lives filled with love, laughter, and joy!